Max was groomed today (12/29/2010). I believe Megan was his groomer, but I am not 100% sure. He looked outstanding. The way he was trimmed around his eyes was excellent. It made his eyes really show well. He looked great. Thanks.


- Bill and Ann Tyler


Does your pet (or you) get anxious when you’re not together? Is she shy and timid around others? Will he chew or destroy household items while you’re not home?

If your answer was “yes”, then Ponga’s Pet Palace has the solution for you!

Dogs who are nervous or timid can learn socialization skills by interacting with other dogs. Those who are anxious or rebellious can burn off some energy playing with our staff and other canine friends.

Our daycare furnishes toys and bedding for your four-legged pal’s enjoyment. Naptime varies, but usually takes place between 2pm and 4pm. Yappy hour is around noon-we provide treats, but if your pet is on a special diet we encourage you to supply the treats. Movies and Dog Sitter DVDs are continuously played in the Daycare Area.  Dogs are walked three to five times daily depending on the length of their stay.

Knowing that your pet is safe and happy interacting with other dogs and playing with our well-trained staff will put your mind at ease during your work day.